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Liminality: Revision is the second Silent Hill Inspired release by the Liminal Recs net-label (the first one is Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album). Revision presents an hour-length of completely new Silent Hill inspired works and remixes of Akira Yamaoka classics made by our composers. After a fascinating success of the original Liminality, composers fully embraced their creative potential resulting in a lot more personalized tracks while still retaining the original Silent Hill atmosphere. There are also some classic tracks here. Liminality: Revision is the link between the original Liminality and Liminality II planned for this year.


Liminality: Revision – это вторая работа музыкантов сетевого лейбла Liminal Recs, целиком посвященная вселенной Silent Hill (первой стала Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album. Revision – это дополнительный час музыки, объединяющий новые Silent Hill inspired работы и ремиксы на композиции Akira Yamaoka от авторов. После огромного успеха оригинального Liminality, авторы проявили большую творческую свободу, поэтому некоторые треки и ремиксы более активно заходят на творческую территорию авторов, между тем, сохраняя настроение Silent Hill, тут же есть и более классические работы. Liminality: Revision задуман как связующее звено между Liminality и запланированным на этот год Liminality II.


01 – KAVver. – Walk Through
02 – Vivid Dark – In Water
03 – Soaring Man – Tears Of… (Remix)
04 – Wialenove – Dreams Desolated in Silence
05 – Gasgruel – Grey Princess
06 – Mr. Somnambula – Their Heaven
07 – Os1R!s – Love or Hate
08 – KAVver. – Sands of Paranoia
09 – Wialenove – Run from Yourself
10 – Os1R!s – Lost Memories (Part II)
11 – KAVver. – Spiders Web
12 – Mr. Somnambula – Alone in the Town (Remix)
13 – KAVver. – Distant Voices
14 – Y-Ring – Phonebox
15 – SinFearSilence – Death Wish
16 – Serge Sunne – Road to Ghost Town
17 – KAVver. – Otherside (Free Interpretation)
18 – Clinic Brothers – Theme of Laura (ZodiakMix)
19 – Y-Ring – Window, Radio (Night)


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